The eldest son takes over, the stepmother seizes power, and the 40 billion rich family is big

The legendary Zhejiang businessman who met Ma Yun called Xiao Ma passed away suddenly, leaving behind a 40 billion business empire, and the eldest son and stepmother scrambled for control. Shanshan shares this melon, I will give you a stroke.

The old Mr. Zheng of Shanshan Co., Ltd. is a legendary figure. In the 1980s and 1990s, he made fabrics for suits and won a lot of firsts. He was the first brand of Chinese suits, the first clothing company to advertise on CCTV, and the first to go public garment enterprise······

The business flourished, and he turned around and invested in lithium battery materials in 1999, becoming the world's largest supplier of lithium battery materials along the way. Now the new car-making forces are fighting to the death, Shanshan relies on battery materials to make money. In 2021, Mr. Zheng also acquired LG Chem's polarizer business across borders, with 5 billion invested in it, and it will be a big deal.

In the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Zheng and Guo Guangchang, Ma Yun and Zhou Chengjian both served as honorary presidents, but he has the highest status in the world. He calls Ma Yun pony and Guo Guangchang Guangchang.

Now that Mr. Zheng is gone, his eldest son, Mr. Zheng, took over as the chairman, but his stepmother, Zhou Ting, went to the shareholders meeting to say that you are breaking the rules, and the shares must follow the legal inheritance relationship. As Mr. Zheng His wife, she is the real controller, so how come Mr. Zhou became the chairman of the board.

This family relationship, my friend in Zhejiang said, he originally married his wife and gave birth to two children, one eldest son, and the other, not so, so he never showed up. Originally, Mr. Zheng had been training his eldest son, Mr. Zheng. Mr. Zheng became the president of Shanshan Holdings in 2015. He is responsible for the company's management and event attendance. In 2018, he also became the legal representative and chairman of Shanshan Holdings, and it is said that the company will be his in the future.

However, despite the fact that this stepmother has only been in the house for a few years, she is only 6 years older than Mr. Zheng, but she is not a small character. Zhou Ting is a financial host. She joined Shanghai TV in 2007 and has hosted many programs. "Shanghai Morning", "Expo Express", "Financial Morning Bus", "Financial Intermediate Station", "Most News", "Financial Collection", "Wealth Geography Weekly", "Financial Night Line", every program should be contacted Many bigwigs in the business world will come to interviews for dinner and drinking.

When she was doing a program "Private Enterprises in Shanghai", she met Mr. Zheng, the elder of the last meeting in Ningbo at that time. Later, she gave birth to three children, two boys and one girl, how old are they now? Therefore, all the shares inherited by her children are under her control. She went to the shareholders meeting, and what she said was very professional: "The governance structure of listed companies is out of touch with the actual controllers, which may have a major adverse impact on Shanshan's governance structure and standardized operations, which in turn will lead to compliance risks for listed companies."

Financial host, it is said that she has also passed the CFA exam, unlike other female stars, there will definitely be a follow-up to this melon

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