The God of Wealth is coming|Fantasy financial management treats making money as a hobby

 On March 28th, "The God of Wealth is Coming" specially planned "The Female Head of My Family" to continue warmly, discovering the ways of women's housekeeping in life. Wang Jing, a company employee born in the 80s, is not an ordinary employee. She is self-taught in financial management. In her spare time, she likes to study how to make money and save money. What kind of earning ability allows her to buy two houses for her family within ten years?

An independent woman who lives seriously and manages her business with heart. Wang Jing, who regards financial management as a hobby, is full of energy when it comes to making money. She uses her spare time to study financial management knowledge and track financial hotspots in real time. Wang Jing's "Fancy Wealth Management" has many types of investment, and she has the courage to try various forms of investment and wealth management, such as funds, stocks, bank wealth management, foreign exchange, gold, etc.; there are many investment channels, and she will shop around on various platforms. Set a bottom line for stop loss and give yourself a certain amount of trial and error costs.

At 22:30 on Tuesday night, March 28th, the comprehensive news channel of Shanghai TV station "The God of Wealth is Coming" will teach you to save money, teach you to spend money, and teach you to make money!

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