The God of Wealth is coming|I love making money in my spare time and bought two suites for ten years

 Wang Jing is an ordinary employee born in the 1980s. She works on Huaihai Middle Road, and she can find a white-collar lunch with high cost performance and good reputation for lunch. This is her specialty of shopping around.

In order to make better use of the fragmented time for financial management, Wang Jing will also turn on her mobile phone during lunch to check whether there are financial products worth buying and with high security. After work, she will also check various information related to stocks, including the daily push of the official account Wait, prepare for operation. Learn financial knowledge on weekends, read books or watch related videos, and do a detailed review every week to learn from failures and avoid repeating the same mistakes. Wang Jing abides by the principle of not investing if she doesn't understand her own financial management. Through in-depth study, she grasps various investment hotspots, and then chooses the financial management investment she is good at. So how did she manage to buy two suites in ten years?

The exciting content will be at 22:30 on the evening of March 28th, Shanghai TV News Comprehensive Channel "The God of Wealth is Coming", teaching you to save money, teach you to spend money, and teach you to make money!

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